Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please contact support incase you need more information. is a payment service that allows users to send and receive payment online. The payment platform "" is owned by PayEnvoy Limited. Websites that accept PayEnvoy can accept payment from all the major Nigerian debit cards and also from the PayEnvoy e-Wallet. PayEnvoy Ltd, an independent, private sector led, limited liability Company located in Lagos, Nigeria focused on providing Innovative, Dependables, Easy-to-use, Affordable and Secure payment solutions.
PayEnvoy can be used to make and receive payments over the internet. PayEnvoy can be used only on merchant websites that accept PayEnvoy. Can be used to purchase airtime, pay for goods send and receive money.
By integrating PayEnvoy on your site, you can accept payment from multiple payment channels like the PayEnvioy wallet, debit cards and mobile money. Funds are transferred securely through PayEnvoy and money is deposited into the seller's PayEnvoy account immediately. Funds can only be withdrawn by PayEnvoy verified merchants
PayEnvoy registration and making payments is free. A little commission is charged on all funds received.
PayEnvoy is highly secured with data encryption, SSL certificates, 24/7 monitoring and hosted on dedicated server that can provide instant backups.

The merchant determines. The merchants is responsible for charges on PayEnvoy.

here are two types of PayEnvoy accounts: Personal and Business Personal account is for individual users. It is used to make payments or send money.  Business account is for merchants (websites that accept PayEnvoy on their sites).
    Signup for a free PayEnvoy "business" account Create A PayEnvoy Business Account Visit our developers page at Developers or visit Visit our developers page for integration documents After integrating, please fill and submit a UAT form Tests would be done to confirm your integration is properly done and your Merchant Application Form has been submitted Your site is made LIVE and you can now start receiving payment
You can withdraw your money as soon as it is available in your PayEnvoy wallet.
PayEnvoy will pay your money into any account that you provide and upon verification.
Yes, PayEnvoy is capable of receiving payments in USD
Please see our Transaction Fees page.
Please visit our Transaction Fees page.
You can use one PayEnvoy business account to receive payments from multiple websites.
Yes, PayEnvoy has plugins for various shopping carts and we are still adding more. Visit our Plugins Page to download free plugins. Our in-house support team can assist you with integration.
PayEnvoy uses the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) approved rate as exchange rate.
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