Send money

Send money to anyone or shop online safely and securely without sharing your personal information!
All you need is just an email address and with you in control, you determine who pay(s) the fee.

Receive money

Accept Payments for your business or sell your products / services online with ease and securely. Receive your money instantly!

Instant transactions

Payment to others are instant; there is no waiting for clearing of funds.

Safe online environment

The PayEnvoy website is built to protect your funds. With our secured authentication

Instant notification

Keep better track of your online funds with our instant sms and email notification.

Easy to deposit and withdraw

Simple transfers to and from your PayEnvoy account, plus other flexible options.

Refund system

We have a great tracking system that makes it seamless to refund

Send payment requests

Send payment requests and invoices to your customers to increase your sales process

Developer friendly

PayEnvoy is designed with developers in mind, we have a Developers portal where you can learn more about our API.
Test out your application in our sandbox, certify and integrate to PayEnvoy

Open A FREE PayEnvoy Account

API Integration

A few minutes is all you need to start receiving payments

Instant Reporting

View transaction log, get instant notifications via sms and email

No Setup Fees

No setup fees, No monthly fees, Instant activation

Next Day Payouts

Value credited to your bank account the next day

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